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    File your Income Tax returns @ Rs.250/-

       ITR-1  e-filing Details required.

1)     1.Please download Personal Data Sheet form the download menu, fill it and submit with  details. 

2. Copy of PAN Card 

3. Copy of Form 16.

Basic Charge  Rs.250/-

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    Deduction of Tax from Salary 2015-16 FY
See Circular No.92 /2015 Fin. dated 08/12/2015  in Download Menu

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    TDS Q4 2016-17 FY Details required.

Please submit your details for filing TDS Return 4th Quarter 2016-2017  by 05/04/2017


TDS Q4 2016-17 FY  Details required.

1)     1..Copy of  Inner bill of  Income Tax Deducted and cashed during 01/01/17 to 31/03/17.

           (ie. Salary bill for December 2016 ,January 2017, February 2017)                                                                                    

            2. Copy of Schedule/Deduction statement from spark. 

      3. Income Tax Statement  2016-2017 FY  

          Please submit Personal Data Sheet for filing Income Tax Return    Rs.150/- for each person



                Please verify your BIN details.


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